The course lies through the most beautiful parts of Reykjavik away from the street traffic.
The race starts in Elliðaárdalur valley in the east part of the city at the bank of the Elliðaá river, one of Iceland’s best salmon rivers, surrounded by 5500 years old lava formations and small fissures.

Through Fossvogur Valley, on the boundaries of Reykjavik city and Kópavogur the neighboring town, the route takes the runners down to the seaside south of the city. At Reykjavik University there is a right turn away from the sea alongside Öskjuhlíð hill, once an island after the last ice age 10000 years ago when the sea level was more than 40 m higher than now, and then back to the shoreline passing Natura Hotel and the domestic airport. At Nauthóll, with a sand beach heated up by geothermal water during the summer, the route continues to the west with a beautiful view over the ocean sometimes being able to see the mighty Snæfellsjökull stratovolcano glacier and presidential residents at Bessastadir on the other side of the bay.

Now in the western part of the city, after 10,5 km kilometers from the start, the runners take an u-turn and head the same way back. The marathoners run this route twice.

The entire course is on asphalt trails, mostly flat, with small elevations after 3 and 4,5 km, and only crossing two small streets each way.


The address at the start is Rafstodvarvegur 7, 110 Reykjavik. The bib pick-up with the chip is at the start of the race. It´s good to be there at least 30 min before the race starts.

The marathon starts at 9:00 am and the half marathon at 11:00 am.

The route is out and back the same way. Half marathon is one lab and full marathon is two labs. At the start of the race, the runners first run the 100m in a half marathon and 200m in a full marathon and after that, there are markers for each km.

The cut-off time at the halfway point in the marathon is 2 hours and 30 min. Runners that fail to reach this time limit can continue on their own. 

To the start

The race start is the east part of Reykjavik. From the city centre, it´s only a 6,7 km drive to the race start.
For a good map of Reykjavik city and the main towns aurrounding it. click here.  

To get there you have several options:


For those staying not far from the start jogging to the start is an excellent choice to get there and at the same time to warm up before the race. Most main paths in Reykjavik are connected to the race start location.


Buses no. 3, 11 and 12 stop close to the start. The places to hop off is Blesugrof (900m walk to the start) see map. You can pay in the bus. Single fare is 490 kr. ($4) and they don´t give change. You can find all the information about the buses in Reykjavik here.


For those staying not far from the start, biking to the start is an another option to get there. Most main biking paths in Reykjavik are connected to the race start location.


Taxi from city centre will cost approx. 5000kr for 4 pers. and 7000kr for 5-8 pers. The address of the race start is Rafstöðvarvegur 7, 110 Reykjavík. For more information about the main taxi company (Hreyfill) in Iceland, click here.

From city center to the start
From city center to the start

Additional information

Timing system

We use the ChampionChip system from Mylap Sports Timing. The split time is after 5K, 10.5K, 16K, 21K, 26K, 31.5K and 37K. The results are uploaded to the web site during the race.
More information here.


Latrines are at the start and in the building at Rafstöðvarvegur 7 we rent for the race.


Refreshment stations with water, Powerade and Coca-Cola are at 5 km interval, see map and don´t forget our famous waffels wipped cream and rubar jam with coffee after the race.


Everyone who completes the race will receive a medal. Trophies and special prices are given for first 3 places for each distance for both genders. This years trophies are specially made from Icelandic Basalt Columns.